Varga Ildikó Rita Anna

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Ildikó Rita Anna Varga – VIRA (Official name: Dr. Ildikó Varga)
Singer, operasinger, teacher, music historian (Dr.phil/Ph.D.), lyricist, poet, writer

Ildikó Rita Anna Varga was born in Pécs where she did her elementary and high school studies. During these years of school, she was learning German and Russian; she also took part in several competitions in nice pronunciation and poetry telling, which she either won or got awarded for. She started her music studies at the age of eight in Pécs, in the piano class of Ferenc Liszt Music School, apart from this she was also attending folk dance classes. She is performing regularly on stage since the age of eight.

She graduated from the kindergarten teacher specialization of Janus Pannonius Grammar-, and Vocational School, where she was a member of the drama workshop and performed regularly as the soloist of the choir – led by Mátyás Ivasivka – and also played in concerts as a piano accompanist. She gained her first degree at the Janus Pannonius University (since 2000: University of Pécs) as a singing-music teacher and cultural organizer. Her conducting teacher was the conductor and composer, Aurél Tillai, who was awarded with a Kossuth Prize. During her college years she got more familiar with writing, this is when her first poems were written and when she first worked as a journalist. Her first articles were published in the paper of the Janus Pannonius University’s freshman camp edition.

Her career as a singer started with performing on musical and operetta stages. Later, while being a student of Maria Teresa Uribe in Budapest, she received an operating permit for giving concerts. For her first recital, called Funny Girl, she wrote the lyrics of the songs she performed and she also staged her own poems in the Schubertiade Concert in Pécs.

She made her debut in 2000 in the Kolozsvári Magyar Opera (Hungarian Opera of Kolozsvár – Cluj-Napoca) as Fenena in Nabucco, conducted by Béla Hary, directed by András Kürthy. In the same year, she also performed as a soloist in the InterOperett Gala in Budapest and was given the role of the Second Lady in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, staged in Debrecen, and the role of Dorabella in the Hungarian State Opera in Budapest. At this time, she was mainly writing song lyrics or more precisely, mostly translating the lyrics of classical songs and song cycles to Hungarian and writing new lyrics for musical songs and jazz standards.

At the end of August 2000, she moved to Iceland where she worked as a private singing tutor (voice teacher) and piano teacher. Apart from this, she was the protagonist of several Mozart operas and gave two concerts in the Reykjavik Opera House. In one of the concerts she performed Hungarian folk songs and folk song arrangements, accompanied by Antónia Hevesi. She got the scholarship of the Association of Opera-Friends of the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest and actively participated in the activities of Florentin Kamarazenei Műhely (Florentin Chamber Music Workshop); later she became the vice president of the Workshop’s Board of Trustees. She did not only perform in chamber music concerts, but also in events of oratorio, operetta and musical. In 2007/8 she performed in the concert series of Filharmóna Magyaroroszág (Philharmonia Hungary), in the concert adaptation of Kodály’s ‘opera’: Háry János, singing both the role of Örzse (Ilka) and the Empress.

She actively participated in several master courses/masterclasses like the one of Kristján Jóhansson, Júlia Hamari, Lorraine Nubar (the teacher of The Juilliard in New York), Dalton Baldwin (the chamber music partner of Jessye Norman), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Sándor Sólyom-Nagy, and Walter Moore. Furthermore, she took part in the International Singing MasterClass in Majk several times, which was organized by the Hungarian State Opera House and the Bartók Seminar in Szombathely. She completed an accredited course of oratorios taught by Tamás Bubnó.

In 2006, as a ‘novatrix’ (a person finding out something unique that was never done before), she organized, directed and starred a chamber music night, which was considered to be unique. The event followed a well-defined theme of different music historical and historical eras, combining pieces of prose, poems, movies, songs, arias and piano pieces from several composers-authors, which finally added up to a whole story. (Örök Nő-Eternal Woman – monodrama, singer and co-editor.)

She graduated from the Music Institute of the Faculty of Music of the University of Pécs as a singer and teacher, as a student of Veronika Kincses. She completed her studies in 4 semesters instead of the regular 10. In 2008 she gained access to the music history course of the Ph.D. Universität für Musik and darstellene Kunst in Graz, where she was the student of Peter Revers and graduated in 2015 after defending her Ph.D. dissertation titled Richard Wagner, Hungary, and the Nineteenth Century, Aspects of the Reception of Wagner’s Operas and Music-Dramas.

She has been giving presentations and reading concerts in the theme of music history since 2010, and she is also cooperating in scholarly projects. In 2014, Zsuzsanna Domonkos asked her to participate in the work of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum & Research Centre’s exhibition titled Wagner and his Hungarian Friends; the results of her scholarly researches were also released in a brochure, published for the exhibition. In 2014/15 in Pécs, she cooperated in the preparation and implementation of the National Cultural Fund’s winning application titled Utazások a zene körül (Roaming around music).

She gave her first music aesthetics lecture during the Thematic Week of the Faculty of Music of the University of Pécs called A zene és az érzelmek esztétikai relációja. Harmóniák, ellentétek, és az „Isteni faktor” (The aesthetic relation of music and emotions. Harmonies, contradictions and the ‘God-factor’). Moreover, she was the senior associate and curator of an exhibition in January 2017, which is aimed to introduce the life and work of the Hungarian Agócsy-Horváth musician-family. (‘Tudásközpont’ Csorba Győző Library, Pécs, Hungary.) The exibition was based on her study, published in Parlando on 20 Januar 2017. (Title: És a muzsika a mi családi szakmánk dísze becsülete.” A Szigriszt-Poldini-Agócsy-Horváth muzsikus családról, és a Kodály-koncepció gyakorlati megvalósításának első, úttörő, pécsi lépéseiről”.)

She has been acting as a director since the end of the 1990s or beginning of the 2000s. She gained a gold classification for her direction of West Side Story in 2011. She re-wrote the song lyrics of West Side Story and also of other musicals, which she directed. The premiere of these lyrics was usually on the same day as the plays’ first night.

She has been working as a singing tutor since 2001 and among other things, she used to be the voice teacher of the Faculty of Music of the University of Pécs. She was awarded with a praising diploma for her professorial activity in 2015, for the Országos Balassagyarmati Magánének Verseny (National Private Singing Competition of Hungary). Her students won several international competitions, competitions both across the country, region and county; gained access to Music Academies, theatre schools or working in opera houses or choirs of theatres.

In 2017 she got her qualification in psychology. (Tenth qualification.)

In 2016/17 she was either finalist or the winner of several national contests. E.g.: Finalist on a Fairy Tale Writing Competition in 2016 September in Budapest (Alapítványi és Magánóvodák Meseíró Pályázata), she was between the best 10 from more than 1500 on a lyrics writing contest entitled: Írj indulót ’56 emlékére, also in Budapest, and won on the versefier competition: Szárnypróbálgatók 2017. Her poems were published on 20 January 2017 in a Hungarian national anthology.

Ildikó Rita Anna Varga has released her CD on 12 December 2017. Title: Crystal-bridge. Her poems were published on 19 January 2018 in a Hungarian national anthology: Szárnypróbálgatók 2018, the first article of her music historical cycle released on 28 February 2018. (Portal: Pécs8, column: Mosaics, Ex Libris Et Musicis. Ladislaus de Agócsy.) Her book: Richard Wagner, Magyarország, és a magyarok, 1842-1924 is coming out around 2018 April-May.


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